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9,125 days.  Assuming you live to the age of 75, that's how many days you will spend in bed over a lifetime.  That's why Afternoon Delight spends so much of its time researching and then bringing you the ultimate comfort to your bedroom at the best prices in the area.  We have partnered with national, top-of-the-line distributors to bring you a variety of mattresses that we can sell at wholesale prices.  Still not convinced?  Well, we encourage you to shop for mattresses throughout the area, because we know you'll be back to our store.  Also, at Afternoon Delight, we are not here to sell you on a certain number of coils, advanced gel cooling, or years under warranty.  Instead, we sell comfort and a good night's sleep.  So Visit Us and try out each and every bed in our showroom and decide what's best for you.  Plus, delivery in local area is free.  Can it get any better than that?  

Check out some of our top-selling mattresses:

KING KOIL NAPLES EURO-TOP: The Naples Euro Top is what dreams are made of. Your desire of the ultimate sleeping experience is met with one of the most comfortable beds in the world. This mattress includes our most advanced foam technologies with a wealth of over 2000 coils supporting and conforming to your body shape and size. 

KING KOIL EXTENDED LIFE:  This world famous collection provides a healthier night’s sleep for people from all around the world. From the Americas, to Europe and Asia, this collection provides years of long lasting comfort and support for any body size or shape. The King Koil World Extended Life collection features our proprietary Perfect Contour® Reaction coil system and is endorsed by the International Chiropractor Association (ICA) to assure a proper night time sleeping posture and years of a healthier night's sleep. All King Koil mattresses are designed and built in the USA since 1898. 

PARK PLACE COOL THERAPY:  The Park Place Cool Therapy collection uses the latest in gel infused memory foam to provide cool conforming comfort for the user. Encompassing both foam encased pocketed coil technology and all foam constructions experience the added comfort of memory / gel technology in many firmnesses and comfort preferences. The Rhapsody also includes the latest in micro coil box top design that creates a completely unique sleeping experience with its ultra responsive 3.5” coils near the sleeping surface.

PARK PLACE LEGACY COLLECTION:  Since the inception of single sided/no flip mattresses many consumers have questioned whether this is truly a better mattress design and why they can’t have the choice to buy 2 sided sleep surface products. Legacy products have their roots in retro construction and feel but with new age design. 2-sided mattresses if properly flipped allow for a more even distribution of the wear and fatigue that occurs in the foam and innerspring through normal use. Legacy products feature an ultra high coil count, InnnerACT™ alternating coil technology with head to toe helical orientation. User benefits are a structurally balanced, stabilized and more comfortable sleeping surface for the user by reducing partner motion, “roll together.” They also feature high quality pocketed coil and Bonnell innersprings, durable density foams and foam encased Enduro Edge Support just to mention a few attributes. To enhance both renewability and consumer safety they also feature Preserve® the world’s 1st bio-based foam which uses a soy based ingredient to replace a portion of foam’s all petrochemical structure. For more information on this go to Also, all foams used in these products are subject to rigorous CertiPUR-US production standards and guidelines. 

AMERICAN HOME COLLECTION: American Home is an eclectic mix of every comfort type, feel and price for the average home. Value and affordability are the key characteristics of this collection. With that in mind, the American Home line uses the latest component technologies and constructions while keeping our focus on the highest quality materials possible. The result is affordable price points for the American Home. If great values that you would only find in premium priced products is what you are looking for then look no further. Some of the premium constructions in this collection are foam encased borders, InnerAct® alternating coil innersprings, box tops, luxury pillow tops, tack & jump quilting, latex, memory-gel foam and Preserve™ bio-based polyurethane foam, just to mention a few of the quality components.

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